Take the Pain Away

God, just one touch from you can take away all my pain,  

God, just a whisper from your lips can heal my broken soul. 

So why?  

Why do you sit on you throne and watch me suffer?  

Why do you sit there and watch me cry?  

God I told you I don’t want to do this anymore.

I can’t go through this anymore . 

I wake up bed bound, 

Not wanting to get up  

And sure I might have prayed for this life  

But I’m not quite feeling this vibe  

They told me to follow you 

They told to become one with you 

They told me to surrender to you  

They told me once I surrender that my life will be better 

They told me if I give myself over to you  

That you’ll make a way when there seems to be no way  

They told me you’re a God that never fails  

So I listened. 

I got close to you, I surrendered to you 

I live my life in a way that glorifies you   

I was promised a life of abundance and quickly answered prayers 

But it seems like ever since I started walking intimately with you it’s been one thing after the next 

It’s been pain, it ‘s been loss, it’s been a life full of tears 

So why do you sit there and watch me suffer day, after day?  

The people that don’t even know you seem to be in love with their lives. 

Their hearts are just fine, they don’t cry at night . 

Why should I die to myself and give it all to you if this is what I get in return? 

I cried out to you, I opened my heart to you,  

I told you the pain brewing in my soul  

And instead of taking it way  

you  showed me Habakkuk 2:3  

” It is not yet time for the message to come true,
but that time is coming soon;
the message will come true.
It may seem like a long time,
but be patient and wait for it,
because it will surely come;
it will not be delayed.” NCV 

God why would you tell me to wait patiently on you when you can see I’m at the end of my strength?

I can’t wait a long time, I need you to intervene right now   

I heard you’re a right now God. Can’t you do it right now? 

The God that made the sun stand still, can’t you end it right now?  

The God that raises the dead and heals the sick, can’t you end it right now? 

God why do I have to keep going through this?  



I’m growing you through this. 

My grace is sufficient for you.  

My grace is sufficient for you.  

My daughter My grace is sufficient for you.  

I’m creating something new in you.  

I putting something inside of you that this world can’t give you.  

I have great plans for you but it’s going to cost you something.  

Your obedience is my requirement.  

I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you  

Plans to give you a hope and a future.  

Be patient and wait on me. My timing is what’s best.  



God, I’m sorry  

I’m sorry for doubting you. I’m sorry for questioning you.

You are my God.

Thank you for you are.

Yes, I was promised an abundant life and quickly answered prayers.

I came to you for what you could do, 

But I’ve gotten so much more. 

This current situation has made me forget  

But I will remember .

When times were tough it was your joy that brought me through  

When it seemed like it would never end  

You opened the door and made a way  

You gave something in addition to answered prayers, you gave me you  

You showed me that I can depend on you  

You showed me that I can lean on you  

So even when it hurts I will cry out Abba  

You’re a good good father  

Even when it hurts I will call your name  

I will say that  you are good  

I will say that you are worthy  

God you are my all in all  

You are my everything  

You are God and God alone  

You know what you’re doing  

I will be patient and I will wait on you  

One touch from you can take it away

But One touch of your grace 

Can sustain me in the middle of it  

I will run race my race  

I will stay the course  

I know you’re doing a work on the inside for me  

I know after I have been tested I will come out as gold  

My prize isn’t here on here on earth but heavenward in Christ Jesus 

I will store my treasure in heavenly places, not in this world  

You are the greatest gift I can receive, you God are all I need 

I will not let my faith be shaken but I will wait on you and I will trust in you  

God you are my rock and my firm foundation  

So daddy I thank you 

Thank you for who you are  

Thank you for your grace  

No matter what happens my hope and my confidence is in you  

Abba, I belong to you  

The Posture of Surrender

She walks into a room with so much confidence.

She’s such a presence.

Her confidence is encompassing, her beauty is captivating.

Every step that she takes it like she’s walking the winner’s circle.

Her style precedes her inner strength.

Her smile exudes the warmth of a 1000 hugs.

She has a soul so generous, that it’s impossible to fathom how it continues to give.

She has a soul holding a heart filled with so much love,

that it’s all she thinks of, so it’s all she speaks of.

Her laughter is a clearly a creation of the master.

But you really should hear her past life.

This woman is a product of a marvelous disaster.

She was lost at a point with no direction for her future,

Cut open by the world, left in need of sutures.

Desperate to hold on to control of her life,

She continually neglected the calls of the Lord.

Sure of the outcome of her own success,

her own plans for what’s next, her own steps to rest,

she stepped into darkness, and one mess after the next.

Sure she’d find her own way through,

she put God aside for only Sunday school.

Left with open wounds, trying to find healing in the world,

she wrapped herself in layers to try to hide the open pain.

But she was left like a child wrapped in a blanket of uncertainty.

A child crying out for the love, the love of her father.

She stepped out darkness, and into his marvelous light.

Took off the layers, and let God operate on the pain.

Went from a Sunday school relationship, to a

I can’t live without you, I can’t breathe without you,

God I need you at center of everything, you are my everything relationship.

She allowed herself to be processed by him, broken for him,

built up by him, she learned to trust in him.

She stepped away from the world and into his word.

She let his peace fill her beyond human understanding.

This woman has learned to let God be the foundation of her soul.

She’s learned to let God be her father, her healer, her comforter, her master,

she’s let God be her all in all.

Yes, she walks into a room with so much confidence, and her confidence is encompassing,

and her beauty is captivating, and her style precedes her inner strength,

but it wasn’t without process.

Her outward appearance is a reflection of her heart,

The gentle and quiet spirit the Lord has worked on in her,

The incorruptible beauty she gained when she let him in.

Beyond giving her life to Christ, I’m talking she let him in everything.

Threw her hands up and said Lord my life is yours.

She’s still a work in progress, but she knows the Lord will see her through.

Pulling her deeper, processing her through his songs, through his word, through his love.

This woman was once controlled by the world’s splendor,

but only until she learned the posture of surrender.

This Prayer Is For…

Heavenly Father,

This prayer is for him. This prayer is for her.

The one that sits alone at night, wondering if this is all to their life.

The one longing for an answer. The one looking to find meaning in their life.

The one who wants to discover the reason they were created.

This prayer is for the one that is scared to trust you.

This prayer is for the one that doesn’t want to sing your praises.

This prayer is for the one that doesn’t know that your Son is the only way to be saved.

Heavenly Father,

This prayer is for her. This prayer is for him.

I pray that one day they get to know you, I pray they get to know you well.

I pray that one day they long to sing your praises.

I pray that you knock on the door of their hearts, and I pray they receive your Son as Lord and Savior.

I pray they become filled with your overwhelming joy, I pray they discover that your joy is their strength.

That void that they’re looking to the world to fill, I pray that one day it will be filled by you.

Lord this prayer is for him. This prayer is for her. This prayer is for their souls.

I pray that one day they get to know you, I pray that one day they let you make them whole.

I don’t know when that one day is, but I pray that one day will come.

I want them to experience you.

I want everyone to receive your Son and experience your presence, I want everyone to experience your joy.

Your joy is too good for it to be experienced by a few, your love is too great for the whole world not to know.

I want as many people as possible to experience the joy of you.

I pray their one-day will come. I pray it will come quickly.

I pray they make their hearts your home.

Heavenly Father, this prayer is for every lost soul.