Goal Setting In 2018!

It’s that time of year again. The time when we look forward to the coming year and resolve to make it better than the last.  

It is goal setting time!

All too often, January comes around and we get excited about making lasting change in our lives. But for some reason, many of us never quite see our goals through to the end of the year.

That needs to change and it starts with how we think about our goals.  

Habukkak 2:2 says ” And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”  

We need to write out and clearly define our goals. We should look at and recite our goals daily and refine them weekly or monthly to adjust to changing circumstances. Refining your goals on the first of every month is a good way to get started.

We also need to make sure we are frequently praying over our goals. We need to speak the word over our lives and all that God has for us to accomplish in this world.

We need to use the power of our mouths in prayer and proclamation to bring a manifestation of our goals this year.

God desires for us to live out a life that brings glory to his name. We should work towards becoming better versions of ourselves, and helping others become better. We should use the gifts God has given us to be all that we can be, and help meet the needs of those around us. We need to live a life on purpose and be intentional about the decisions we make.

When your goals are clearly defined, and they are in alignment with the word of God, there is nothing that can hold you back! Be intentional!

Lazy Change

So I have a tendency to be lazy that is slowly but surely being worked out of me. Thank you God! I have a lot of ambitious goals that I want to accomplish, however I go through quite a few days where I don’t feel like doing the work to accomplish them. A lot of the time I just want to put the work off till the next day. But when I actually get started, it’s never that bad. Then I get annoyed with myself for not having started earlier. But of course, when it’s time to get started on something else, I go through the whole process all over again. Yup, it’s a process just for me to start the process of getting started.

Proverbs 13:4 says.. The slacker craves, yet has nothing, but the diligent is fully satisfied.

I personally like to be full (physically and spiritually) and I’d definitely rather be standing on the other side, proud of the goals I’ve accomplished rather than craving and longing after them and have nothing.

So this laziness is something that has to change.

What I’m trying to do now is break up what I have to do into small manageable tasks and use a schedule to keep myself accountable. I’ve realized that when my schedule is packed there is less room for me to procrastinate. We’re human beings. If you give us room to do something, especially procrastinate, we most likely will -unless you’re one of those superhuman always done ahead of time type of people. I’ve learned that it’s much easier to change a habit by changing the circumstance; changing how you operate with that habit.

With saving for example. If you’re a terrible at saving, you could automatically have what you want to save transferred to another account that you’ve made it hard for yourself to have access too. Or even have it automatically taken out of your paycheck and put into a separate account.

The new circumstances should be strict enough to constrain you. To teach you. Like training wheels. It’s much easier to learn to ride a bike with training wheels than just having the willpower to learn.

So that’s what I’m doing now. I’m putting training wheels on this laziness and procrastination. With God nothing is impossible. So I know I’ll soon easily ride the bike of diligence, fully satisfied.