Are You Charged Up?

Do you know something that seems to be really important to us these days? Having a charged phone. We don’t mind being late if it means we get to charge our phone that has 1% life left in it. We don’t mind walking around with a portable charger or shamelessly looking for an outlet at an event to get life back into that phone. And why not? Our phones are the most useful to us when they have battery life in them. Walking around with a dead phone is just carrying around an expensive shell. The actual purpose the phone was created for would be useless if it was always dead.

Taking the time to charge our phone allows us to enjoy it and use it for what it was intended for. In the same manner, we should strive to live out our lives for its intended purpose. How so? By becoming more purposeful about getting charged up in the things of Christ.

If we strive to be as purposeful about spending time in the word and in prayer as we are about charging our phones, we would constantly be filled up with the things of Christ!

Before I was purposeful about spending quiet time with God, I’d usually get charged up in the word from church alone. But what if I could only charge my phone once a week when I went to visit a friend? Yes I get some battery life, but it’s not nearly enough. My phone would be dead most of the time. To maximize the use of my phone, I need my own charger at home. To have a relationship with Christ, we need to have our own quiet time with God on a regular basis. The charging up doesn’t even need to end at quiet time. We can get little boost throughout the day by saying a prayer or a scripture here and there.

We also need to think about developing our relationship with Christ to help other people get to know God. If someone is stranded and they need to use your phone to make a phone call, it’d be nice for your phone to have battery life so they can use it. Or even if someone just wanted to check out your phone to see if they wanted to buy your type of phone, it’d be nice for it to have battery life so they could actually see what it was about.

If we’re filled up with the teachings of Christ and someone wants to know more about God, we want to be able to have something to share with them. Whether it’s how we’re living our lives, answering questions or helping someone in a desperate situation, we should be charged up so we have something to share. If we’re not taking the time to develop a relationship with Christ how are we going to have anything to share about Christ?

If we walked around with a dead phone all the time it would be useless to us and whoever may need it. It’s important we take the time to know Christ for ourselves on a daily basis.

It’s definitely a process though. It’s easy to fall into a habit of charging our phones everyday. It’s a little harder to do the same with spending quiet time with God. It took me a while to get into the habit of setting aside time to pray and read my bible on a regular basis. I still struggle with placing the importance I should on my quiet time.

But when you have a charged phone everyday you see the benefits of keeping it charged. After you get used to having a phone all the time it becomes really weird and frustrating if you don’t have your phone for a long period of time. It can easily have you wondering how you ever survived without a phone.

The same goes for when we spend more time with God. We see how quality time in prayer and the word transforms our lives, and it becomes more of a necessity than an option. I definitely wonder how I ever survived without a personal relationship with God!

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  1. Moji says:

    Great writing ! A good analogy we can all relate to.

  2. Monpo says:

    Amazing read, love the analogy

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