Your Love

Oh daddy your love

Your transforming love captures my heart

Your love captures every tear drop

Your love wraps it arms around my soul

Your love takes all the pain and uses it for my gain

Oh daddy your love

The sweetest thing I have ever encountered

You are the air I breathe

Every step that I take, everywhere that I go

You are there, You are my king

You are never further than a thought away

Oh daddy your love

I used to think how could I ever love you more than a human being

I can’t see you , can’t touch you, can’t hold you

But now I see you in everything, you are my everything

Your artistic touch in the leaves that fall in the fall

Your far-reaching hand in the ocean’s horizon

Your scientific genius in the cycles of this world

Krebs cycle, carbon cycle, water cycle

cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive cycle

The earth is your canvas and wow, you painted a master piece

Your poured out your love in every stroke

Your work shinning in every soul

And now us your creations deny the artist

Neglect your love

 Seek each other for validation and purpose

We say things to each other like, “you complete me”

Your love was everything I was missing

But true completeness is found in you

The truest expression of love is found in you

Nothing wrong with human love but your love is better than any human being’s

You’re always there, you always listen

You are the never toxic king

No messages left unread

No calls left unanswered

Oh daddy your love

You took me from the broken child that I was

Chasing after the things of this world to provide satisfaction

You turned my face towards you and my heart quickly followed

Filled me with your reckless love

That chased me down till I found you forreal forreal

Oh daddy your love has me so content in your embrace

No one else can take your place

Yes I’m writing these words about your love

But there are truly no words to explain what your love has done to me, in me, through me

Daddy your love took this bitter, jealous soul obsessed with everyone’s opinions

 and transformed me into a woman submitted to your throne

Identity in you alone

Proud to shout about your home

Shout about your saving grace

Shout about your shinning face

Shout about your son taking my place

They look at me like I’m crazy, they conture their faces in confusion

Why is she so obsessed with her God?

Oh daddy if they only knew about your love

That void they’re looking to the world to fill

Oh daddy I wish they knew it could only be filled by you

Your love purifies me and solidifies my identity

Oh daddy your love

Your love is where I rest

Your love is where I find peace

Your love is where my heart beats

Your love is true and is where my heart will always be

In your love I find my true identity  

Oh daddy your love

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